This is the hypothalamus and we can influence it to release neurotransmitters to stimulate the pituitary which will then release growth hormones, stimulating the cells and thereby increasing the size of your breasts.

What do we do?

Across a series of four one-to-one, personalised sessions we will lead you through a number of different processes. At each session we use simple techniques to help you relax and really enjoy the experience. Sometimes we focus on you mentally picturing the desired goal you are aiming for. 

This visualisation process is a way to "talk" to your body and your unconscious mind – you may have heard the saying "you get what you focus on" – well here is that truth in action! Just seeing yourself, in your mind's eye, with the body you desire will not only empower you. It will give your hypothalamus the message to release the necessary growth hormones to give you what you ask for.

Some parts of the programme will involve clearing away any beliefs that you hold about your body and the size of your breasts. Maybe, unconsciously, without realising it, you hold beliefs about why it is best for your bust to be "inconspicuous" or "unseen". Maybe you have absorbed beliefs from others that women with "big boobs" are simply seen by men as sex objects and by other women as "loose". 

Of course, your unconscious mind, the part that is there to protect you, will not allow you to have big breasts if that were the consequence! 

We ask you why you want to increase your breast size. And most of the time we know that your answer will be "confidence". Just one cup size can make all the difference to your self-confidence – and you may be able to increase your cup by two or three sizes.

What is your commitment?

Well of course you have to really WANT to do this. Hypnotherapy cannot make you do what you don't really want to do. There are four one-to-one sessions for you to attend, each lasting about an-hour-and-a-half, every two weeks. At the end of each session we will give you a CD to listen to. Our suggestion would be to listen to this every day before your next session. We also give you a "maintenance" session on CD at the end of the programme.